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UGC NET Exam – An Analysis Part 2

We will analyse the results for AP only and JRF & AP separately for UGC Net 2020 Exam Results.

In this article, we will evaluate AP (Assistant Professor) only candidates

In 2020 UGC Net exam, only for Assistant Professor, 2.6 lacs candidates applied and 54% Candidates appeared. 3.5% succeeded out of those who appeared (1.87% of those who applied). As is evident, only 55% candidates appeared for the examination. The reason for 20 to 25% of candidates giving a miss to the exam can be attributed to Corona Pandemic; however another group of 20% to 25% absence is as observed during normal period, which is due to inadequate or no preparation.

Let us find out the class of candidates who apply only for Assistant Professor.

First, vast majority of them are more than 30 years of  age which makes them ineligible for JRF Maximum of those appearing only for AP are those candidates who are either already in teaching job or want a mid-career switch-over. Becoming a lecturer in college provides the safety and insulation from otherwise daily/regular ups and downs of other private/public jobs.  Also JRF will provide some funds to very dedicated Researcher, but maximum of this group just want a stable Assistant Professor Job with steady assured income. They plan to take up Doctoral research later to fulfil the requirement of promotions.

They have family responsibility, office responsibility in addition to other social responsibilities. This group is weighed down with so many responsibilities and time constraint. They desperately need job security to support family. Normally this group has two types of responsibility a) their own spouse and children. Conventionally, gentlemen have to financially support and ladies get engaged in regular domestic chorus and child support (it may be vice versa also), b) siblings and parents to support, maybe in joint family or even while they are living as nuclear family.

This group is out of touch of Paper 1 subjects. Paper 1 subjects are – Unit-I: Teaching Aptitude, Unit-II: Research Aptitude, Unit-III: Comprehension, Unit-IV: Communication, Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude, Unit-VI: Logical Reasoning, Unit-VII: Data Interpretation, Unit-VIII: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Unit-IX: People, Development and Environment, Unit-X: Higher Education System.
Going by above topics, Maths, reasoning and DI may be a big hurdle as maximum of candidates are out of touch for many years. Similarly, many candidates may be in teaching field but Teaching and Research Aptitude may be an issue. ICT, Environment and Higher Education may not be an uphill task but remains an issue.

Paper II – Even if a candidate is teaching the specific subject, but he/she may be very well versed in only a portion of syllabus. Candidate may have to toil a lot for other portion of syllabus.

Overall Qualifying marks percentage for all common subjects are very high (Pol. Science, Sociology, Home Science. The number of candidates competing is huge and cut-off marks extremely high.

For very high scoring subjects the cut-off marks are very high like Literature & Languages – Hindi, English, Sanskrit, etc.

So based on above scenario, it becomes very difficult for a candidate to logically plan and prepare a roadmap. Even after preparing a roadmap it becomes difficult to sustain and remain on planned path continuously for long time.

However, there is a very small percentage of totally dedicated persons who are highly focused, hardworking and extremely motivated. This group takes failure very seriously and focus themselves up to fill up their weak areas. They do not blame others or the examining body for failure but rise to the occasion and finally succeed. Success rate of 3.5% only indicates a zeal and dream to excel but are unable to do so. Maximum of such candidates, have plans & goals but not a viable roadmap to achieve the goal.

To sum up  – Lacs of candidates apply and appear in examination to improve their life style and to join that rarefied strata of faculty, where the whole society look up to them at awe. However, very few candidates prepare with passion, to become an excellent teacher and take this UGC Net exam as a challenge. These very few dedicated prepare a roadmap, create objectives to reach the goal. We will try to sketch out a rough-cut of such roadmap in another article