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How to enjoy mathematics

Mathematics is a very difficult subject, which many students feel. But today we will try to make it a little easier. There are four things from basic in mathematics, such as dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting and that almost ends your math.

First let me tell you a little story of mine. This is the story when I used to study in class V. In our village we had a government school up to fifth grade. In our school, every day, half an hour before the end of school time, the lower class used to count numbers loudly and the students of the higher class used to recite table. And I still remember that when I used to hear my name, I used to forget the number tables, so I used to get some punishment every day. But one day our Mathematics teacher told our Principal that of course this child does not remember the tables but you should give any maths questions and he will solve it in his class, then our Principal gave me a math question and I solved it and took it to my math teacher, he told me that son I knew that you will be able to do it. Principal checked and hailed me.

It is not that if you do not remember the tables, then you cannot calculate square root, or do not know/remember any formula, then you are weak in mathematics. It is not like that at all. Now the question is, how to make mathematics easy?

We do Mathematics well in our every day life, but still we do not realize that we are so good in mathematics. You have seen around you that illiterate people also deal in money and they do not make any mistake. How do they calculate very accurately. If you ever want to try it, give them a ₹ 200 note and say keep this ₹ 2000 note and tomorrow I will take my ₹ 2000. Will he agree? Would not believe at all why he has not read and written, how does he know if he has a note of ₹ 200 or a reply of ₹ 2000 that if he is dealing with money then he must have identified the note as if the size of the note is the color of the note The picture is made on the note is etc.

Then tell them to add 34, 60 and 66, how much is it? He will not be able to add but you will ask him that I went to the market, bought a vegetable worth ₹ 34, bought milk worth ₹ 60 and bought fruits worth ₹ 66. Ask him how much money I spent in the market? He will add it instantaneously.

Why, because rarely any person makes mistake in money transactions, whether he is educated or illiterate. Whenever calculating in real time money, you will never make a mistake. Your answer will be quick you will be interested in mathematics. Mathematics is such a subject that the more you interest you take in mathematics, you start enjoying it more..