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UGC NET Exam – An Analysis Part 1

NTA UGC NET June 2020 result were declared sometimes back (Dec 01, 2020). The June examination was conducted between Sept 24, 2020 and Nov 13, 2020.

Total 8.61 lacs candidates got registered for these exams, only 5.27 lacs appeared and total of 47.16 thousand candidates succeeded.

Compared to 2019, the number of applicants and those selected in 2020 were less.  For UGC-NET Dec 2019 exams, total of 10.3 Lacs applicants registered, 7.74 Lacs appeared and 65.2 thousand candidates succeeded.

Enclosed is a comparative chart for Dec 2019 vs June 2020 exam results:

The above brings out the following statistical conclusions –

  1. Decrease in number of applicants registering was huge (16.8% less applicants applied) due to pandemic,
  2. Further heavy drop in %appeared (20% less compared to 2019) was observed.
  3. the number of successful AP applicants dropped in 2020 correspondingly (from 60K to 41K),
  4. however there was an increase in % of successful student (from 7.58% to 7.78%),

Surprisingly the number of successful JRF applicants did not decrease correspondingly (only 0.64% applicants succeeded in 2019 compared to 1.17% in 2020.

The above statistical data indicates that pandemic has played a big role. NTA had made lot of efforts to mitigate the situation, by limiting the number of students per shift, spread out the date sheet, increasing the number of centres from 700 to 1119, hand sanitizers, social distancing, masks etc. Still the fear of Pandemic had a considerable impact.

From above, it is also clear that the pandemic has not hindered the serious and dedicated candidates.  The higher % of successful JRF and AP candidates reflects that although very few physical health wise compromised persons might not have been able to attend, but a very large chunk of casual candidates also have kept away from exams.

One more reason is that NTA/UGC has reduced the Cut-off Marks Percentage, both for AP and JRF, has been reduced in comparison to previous year

Cut-off marks percentage of all subjects were provided till Dec 2019 exam result. However, for June 2020 exam result, cut-off of Commerce, Hindi and English was not provided in marks percentage but in percentile. Normally Percentile has some lacunae, but overall is better statistical tool. Like, in Commerce stream for unreserved Cut-off percentile for AP only was 95.6397986 with 3256 candidates being selected. This indicates approx. 74.7K appeared for examination as unreserved candidates in Commerce. Similarly, cut-off percentile for same set for JRF was 99.355666 with 461 selected. This indicates approx.. 71.55K applied for JRF (& AP). In the result, candidate may be able to know how many applicants are above/below him, but in absence of cut-off marks percentage, he will have to analyse himself for the extra effort to be put in next time.

Coming to 2020 exam, only for Assistant Professor (AP) 2.6 lacs applied and 54% applicants appeared. 3.5% succeeded out of those who appeared (1.87% of those who applied).

For JRF & AP, 6.01 Lacs applicants applied and 3.9 Lacs appeared (64.2%). Success rate among those who appeared was 9.4% for AP and 1.6% for JRF, a total of 11% approx. combined for both AP and JRF.

For AP only, 2.6 Lacs applicants applied and 1.4 Lacs appeared (54%). Success rate was 3.45%.

Based on these statistical data, we will try to make logical analysis in next post.

Maintain social distancing, wear Mask. Try to Stay at Home Stay safe during this Corona times.